Is it a man’s world? - Tiziana Borghi, Team Manager Kessel Racing

9 September 2017
Motorsport is one of the increasingly few sporting activities where women are hugely under-represented when it comes to the list of competitors. But looking behind the scenes, there are countless women actively involved in motorsports globally. They organise events, are active in race control, as team managers, mechanics, engineers, in marshalling and fulfilling a host of other important roles. The same is true for the Blancpain GT Series. In the Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup alone, there are six women who inspire others. Meet the team managers of the Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup:

Tiziana Borghi, Team Manager Kessel Racing
Birthday: 03.03.1960
Education: Graduate
Hobbies: The sky
Claim to fame: smile, determination, professionality
Favourite quote: A smile does not cost anything… but has an immense value!

What inspired you to work in motorsports?
‘I was born with a passion for racing cars. I took the driving licence and immediately after I made a request to have a racing license – for rallying. I was a co-driver and I had a good career in motorsports for a lot of years as member of the LANCIA official junior team. I stopped racing in 1986 because in my opinion the Lancia S4 was not the right car to use, and unfortunately, I was right. Then I had been away from motorsports for 10 years. In 1998, JAS Motorsport proposed that I should start a new career as a Sporting Director, I said yes and for me it has been like coming home.”

Briefly describe your role and your tasks during a race weekend.
“This is the most difficult question. It is really difficult to answer because my job starts with checking that everything is properly fitted in the paddock and garages and finishes when the trucks are ready to go back home. In between there is a whole universe…:  briefings, drivers, technical meetings, race strategy, passes, guests, stewards, regulations to name just a few.”

What was the biggest challenge you ever faced?
“During the first part of my career as a co-driver for sure when I had been called to take part in the Lancia official team. In the second part as team manager last year when we won all the championships in which we had been involved."

What was your most memorable moment?
“2016 when we won the Le Mans 24 Hours AM category.

Are there enough women working in motorsports?
“I think it is not a question of number or of gender. Motorsport is a world made of passion. In my opinion, a woman can do any kind of job but, as for a man, she must be professional and well prepared.”

Female racing drivers who left a mark in the motorsports world just to name a few: Michelle Mouton, Jutta Kleinschmidt, Pat Moss, Janet Guthrie, Maria Costello, Denise McCluggage, Lyn St. James, Sabine Schmitz, Susie Wolff.
Which one is your favourite?
“Michelle Mouton – I know her personally because she was racing at the same time as I was, and also Pat Moss.”