Motul Sepang 12 hours : Porsche leading 1-2 after three hours

10 December 2016

Three hours into the Motul Sepang 12 Hours Porsche is occupying the first two positions, but the top-6 is only separated by half a minute. The main incident of the first quarter of the race were the lenghty repairs on the #9 K-PAX Racing McLaren, after it was hit by suspension damage. The car was 24 minutes in the box, and lost 13 laps.

In the GTC class, the #26 Audi lost some time early on, due to a puncture, but it is back in contention and some 45 seconds behind the class leader, the #67 GDL Racing Team Asia Lamborghini. GT4 is dominated by the Ginetta cars, with the #55 Simpson Motorsport car leading in front of the #69 Aylezo Ecotint Racing G55. In the MARC class, the #93 Mazda lost some time when spinning into the gravel trap, but it’s back in the lead. The TC class is lead by the #65 Viper Niza Racing Seat, while the #77 Subaru is the first of the Touring Cars.